How to deodorize furniture
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1, 300 grams black tea bubble hot tea two washbasin water, put in the bedroom, open a window to breathe freely, content of indoor formaldehyde will drop 90% above inside 48 hours, excitant odour is basic eliminate.

2. Purchase 800 grams of granular activated carbon to remove formaldehyde. Divide active carbon into 8 parts, put in dish dish, every room puts 2 to 3 dish, 72 hours can get rid of basically indoor peculiar smell.

3. Prepare 400 grams of coal ash and put it into the room that needs to remove formaldehyde after being separately loaded with washbasin. The formaldehyde content can be reduced to the safe range within a week. Above method applies equally to decorating the family that does not have peculiar smell, after all some harmful thing is colorless and insipid, much one minute is clean, much one minute is safe.

4, the bubble tea, put in the refrigerator, you can achieve deodorization. If do not have tea, also can cut lemon or willow, want half small piece to be able to achieve effect only. In addition, with the rag that has beer, wipe freezer interior, peculiar smell also can have no place to hide form.

5, put greenery in domestic toilet, can achieve adjust air, eliminate the effect of peculiar smell. Had better raise a green plant in the window, perhaps put a vase, insert 35 flowers, can bring pure and fresh the sense of happy person.

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