The maintenance after desk USES lacquer of waterborne wood implement
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Waterborne wood lacquer is more and more respected by users because of its environmental protection and health. In the use of waterborne wood paint coating, wood paint film maintenance becomes the key, especially wood furniture surface paint film, if the maintenance is good, paint film perennial clear transparent, bright as new. So, how to maintain water - based wood paint film? In daily use, attention must be paid to:

1, wood furniture in the coating of waterborne wood paint, to maintain the fluidity of indoor air and temperature, humidity moderate, ensure that wood furniture surface paint film to achieve normal hardness;

2, wood paint coated furniture can withstand the high temperature of hot water, but do not close to the stove and heater piece heater, so as to avoid high temperature baking caused by wood furniture deformation, resulting in paint film surface cracking, peeling;

3, wood furniture surface paint film to often use soft gauze to wipe, reduce dust stains, and regularly use car polish wax or floor wax to wipe, can make the surface paint film bright as new;

4. Avoid contact with high concentration of chemical reagents to avoid damage to the paint film;

5. If the paint film on the surface of wooden furniture is stained with stains, immediately wash it with low-concentration soap water or detergent, then wash it with clean water, wipe it dry, and finally wipe it with car polish wax;

6, wood furniture surface beware of hard objects deliberately collision and knife carving, otherwise it is easy to cause hard damage to the paint film;

7, if there is a glass table, the following should be spread put cotton tablecloth, not directly spread paper or plastic film, or a long time, paper, plastic film will adhere to the film, damage the film;

8, every few years, it is best to brush a layer of waterborne wood lacquer again, in order to maintain film of paint of furniture in the home often new, wear well.

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