The furniture of different colour makes different office environment
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First, the space of the low office environment, should choose the light color of quietly elegant, through the light color furniture to bring the expansion of people, in the sense of the adverse factors to take out the space;

The 2nd, the office environment with high space, metope chooses white, office furniture and ground choose brunet, but should assure daylighting sex is good;

The 3rd, the office environment with bad daylighting must choose the office furniture of warm color tone, take out gloomy and cold feeling;

The 4th, the metope of office environment does not choose too bright or the coating that has glance, reduce the vision fatigue that brings because of radial stimulation.

Above 4 different colorific furniture collocation, brought different sense to our office environment. So, the colour collocation of office furniture is very important a skill.

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