Home office furniture selection
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General home office furniture includes: workbench, work chair, bookshelf, data ark. The equipment such as computer, printer, scanner, a lot of books and documents, need a reasonable find a place for, because this chooses furniture of combination of good family office, make effective working space, achieve raise working efficiency, the purpose that lets worker feel comfortable is particularly important.

Choose integrated multifunctional furniture

A lot of office furniture in the home are same also cannot little, it is particularly important to make full use of limited space as far as possible when the bedroom is not big. Can choose ark of a group of mural along the wall, have furniture of a few office to receive a function to develop acme, all sorts of drawer, case is worn have everything in one's hand, with the matching sex of electric equipment very good also, when the job is pulled outward, can use, can return each easily its, do not take up a space at all. Choose different furniture according to different job nature. The home office that needs to receive a large number of customers at home should choose the sofa and table that receive guests; Choose a large desk for a home office that works independently.

Office furniture and household atmosphere should coordinate

The furniture of domestic office chooses the contradiction that should handle household atmosphere and office atmosphere above all, coordinate both as far as possible rise. Should unite the program between office and other room to form unified fundamental key, the choice that combines office characteristic to be in furniture style again and metope color processing go up to make a few adjustment, make between office grave and easy, avoid too the colour that private changes.

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