Wooden office furniture is maintained in this way
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The furniture product of natural wood, its biggest advantage depends on the mu wen that artless nature becomes, with much change natural colour.

As natural wood is an organism that constantly breathes, it must be placed in an appropriate temperature and humidity environment. At the same time, drinks, chemicals or overheating objects should be avoided to be placed on the surface, so as not to damage the natural color and luster of the wood surface. If beautiful be able to bear or endure plank is qualitative, when bilge is more, can use the neuter cleaner that had diluted to assist with wen shui to wipe first, wipe with clear water again, remember to wipe with soft dry cloth incomplete leave water is soiled, after waiting for complete wipe, use maintain candle to grind bright again, calculate great accomplishment accomplished. Pay attention to daily cleanness and maintain only, ability makes wooden furniture experience long cover is new.

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