Prevention and control of furniture pollution three main points
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Because industry threshold is low, furniture pollutes indoor environment problem to already became the 3rd big pollution problem after building pollution, decorate pollution. Therefore, office buildings and families in the decoration and decoration to pay special attention to indoor environmental pollution control, from the material, design, technology, furniture selection are strictly checked. The expert puts forward, because furniture contaminates a problem to involve integral material, production craft and furniture to produce the link such as hind processing, when consumer is bought, should prevent and control furniture pollution from 3 respects.

Choose the wood lacquer that accords with national standard and glue agent, the heavy metal content that mixes oil furniture to want to notice national standard to ask. New furniture is best left for a period of time; Some solid wood furniture for anti-corrosion treatment or finalizing the treatment using preservatives and other chemical materials, if the surface is not completely closed, or even not closed, will also release harmful gases; A few real wood furniture are real wood not completely, use man-made board inside ark of a few chest, bookcase in particular, should notice the problem that formaldehyde releases, choose the man-made board that accords with national standard, undertake surface at the same time close and processing.

Key points for pollution control of wood-based panel furniture the materials used by the manufacturers must meet the requirements of the national standards for the limits of harmful substances in furniture, and the formaldehyde emission is no more than 1. 5 mg/L; The wood-based panels used in the furniture shall be all edge sealing, including drawer boards, partitions and all concealed end faces; Double panels must be used for furniture backboards, linings and drawer bottoms. At present the furniture backboard of major man-made board, line board and drawer bottom board use is the sheet face plate of low file, it is the main source that formaldehyde releases.

Key points of pollution control of fabric furniture fabric furniture especially the filling material of fabric sofa is the main problem causing indoor environmental pollution. When consumer choose and buy, ought to the field opens an inspection, see small piece spell sticky.

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