9 tips for purchasing office furniture
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1. Whether the materials of office furniture are reasonable

Different office furniture, the surface material is different. Be like the leg of desk, chair, ark, the requirement USES hard miscellaneous wood, stronger, can bear weight, and interior USES material to be able to use other material; Find wood has bug eye, drop foam, show drying is not complete. Finish checking a surface, open cupboard door, drawer door to see inside inside material has decayed even, can pinch with fingernail a pinch, pinch went in to explain inside material decayed. Open cupboard door hind smell with the nose, if blunt nose, dazzling, shed tears, explain the formaldehyde content in adhesive is too tall, can harmful to human body.

2. Whether the four legs of office furniture are smooth

It's easy to spot office furniture that has only three legs. Take a look at the table top to see if it is straight, not bent back or collapsed waist. The table top is raised and the glass plate will rotate on it; The table top is recessed and the glass will break when you put it on. Pay attention to check the cupboard door, the drawer seam can not be too large, to pay attention to horizontal flat straight, door can not sag.

3. Whether the structure of office furniture is firm

Small office furniture, such as chairs, stools, clothes racks, etc., can be dragged on the cement floor when picking, gently fall, sound crisp, that the quality is better; If the voice is hoarse, there is a pitch-like murmur, that the mortise and tenon combination is not tight, the structure is not strong. Desk, table can shake with the hand shake, see steady not steady. Sofa can sit a sit, if sit on move to twitch twist ground to ring, shake shake, it is nail is live, with not how long time.

The leg leg such as desk, long desk, chair should have the clip of 4 triangle, have fixed effect, when choosing, can turn desk and chair upside down look, wrap cloth chair to be able to touch with the hand.

4, veneer office furniture patchwork lax

No matter stick wood veneer, PVC or stick pre-painted paper, should pay attention to the leather is stuck flat, there is no bulge, blister, patchwork lax phenomenon.

Check the blunt light to see, not blunt light can not see. Ash wood veneer office furniture is relatively damaged, generally only two years. In the case of wood veneer, planed veneer is better than cut. The way to identify the two is to look at the pattern of wood, veneer wood texture cut plane straight and dense, cut veneer pattern curve and thin. Chipboard veneer office furniture, the landing part must be sealed edge, not sealed edge board will be moisture absorption, swelling and damage. Generally, the corners of office furniture with veneer are easy to become warped. When selecting, you can buckle the corners by hand. If you buckle them up, it means there is a problem with glue.

5. Whether the edge of office furniture is smooth

Edge uneven, that the material is wet, a few days will be off the edge. Sealing edge should be rounded, not straight edge right Angle. Edges sealed with batten are liable to damp or crack. The office furniture that 3 plywood bag inserts, the place that wrap a strip is to use nail, should notice nail-eye whether level off, the color that nail-eye place and its other place are consistent. Nail eye is to be sealed with be bored with child normally, should notice be bored with child to have whether drum rises, if drum rose to be no good, be bored with child can fall slowly from inside come out.

Smooth the paint

The paint part of the office furniture should be smooth and smooth, no saliva, no wrinkle, no lumps. Edge part can not straight edge right Angle, straight edge is easy to collapse slag, paint. The door of office furniture inside should also be a paint, paint board is not easy to bend, and not beautiful.

7. Is the installation of accessories reasonable

For example, check the door lock switch work; Big cabinet should install 3 dark hinge chain, some only install 2 to do not work; The three screws, some cut corners, only a screw, use will fall.

Sit on the sofa

When choosing sofa, should notice the surface wants level off, and cannot on any account uneven; Soft and hard should be even, but not this hard, that soft; Moderate hardness, neither too hard nor too soft.

Choose a method is to sit, with the hand press a press, flat, spring ring not ring, if the spring layout is not reasonable, cause the spring spring, will make a noise. Secondly, should also pay attention to quilting whether broken thread, jumper, the density of corner tooth is reasonable.

Color should match the interior

Although white office furniture is beautiful, it tends to turn yellow after a long time, while black furniture tends to turn gray. Don't try to make it beautiful at that time. Generally speaking, copy annatto lubricious office furniture becomes angry not easily.

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