Inspect the quality of stationary office furniture
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In the family is decorated, have many office furniture to be decorated a company to make. For the quality inspection of these fixed office furniture, many consumers are very concerned. Actually, when you are undertaking a family to decorate quality to check and accept, should hold these a few only, can control the quality that holds fixed furniture.

1. The wood, accessories and accessories used in the high-grade fixed office furniture must meet the requirements in the design. The juncture that furniture makes is close, installation must firm, fittings is all ready and effective. Furniture inside and outside clean, outside fine light, internal sanding.

2. All kinds of wood-based panel parts shall be treated with strict and straight sealing, no degumming, smooth surface and no bump.

3, all kinds of plug Angle, pressure bar, slide installation position is correct, installation firm, open flexible.

4. Before finishing, the product is visually smooth and smooth with no burr, planing mark, sand grinding and reverse grain on the hand, and no hard crutch on the corner. The direction is straight and even.

5. The drawer and cabinet door can be opened and closed flexibly and the return position is correct. Glass door around polished neat, open and close flexible, no chips, scratches, four corners of symmetry, correct hand button position.

6. To guarantee the quality of fixed office furniture, in addition to the use of materials and the production size should meet the requirements, the inspection indexes are as follows:

A. Warping degree of panel: when the plane diagonal length is greater than 1400 mm, the warping degree should be less than 2 mm, when the diagonal length is less than 700 mm, the warping degree should be less than 0. 5 mm;

B. Perpendicularity: when the diagonal length of the plane is greater than 1000 mm, the error shall be less than 1. 5 mm; When less than 1000 mm, the error should be less than 1 mm.

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